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Jaffar Alhaddad


Jaffar Alhaddad is an architect and multidisciplinary artist based in the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is devoted to celebrating the value and social responsibilities that correlate with architecture and visual art. His artistic and creative practice centres around the theme of tracing the sense of a place through the richness of the human experience. Additionally, Jaffar combines his passion for collage photography and writing in his blog called ‘The Urban Journey’, which represents his initial adventures into collecting the spirit of a place by the lens of his camera. His latest work is a collaborative spatial experience titled: ‘The Third Space’ where he led a design team of interior designers and architects as part of Darayesh initiative. Within five consecutive weeks with his team, Jaffar curated a hands-on experimental experience. Him and his team invented new rooftop concepts for the public space, that complemented the requirements of our region.

Abdulla Buhijji


Abdulla Buhijji is a designer and an artist based in Bahrain. He holds a masters degree in product design from Brunel University London. Buhijji specializes in creating sentimental and thought-provoking artworks ranging from mixed media and art installations to video installations. Buhijji's work explores the relationship between one and one’s self, the space and its people, and the people with their governing body; exploring ideas of cohesion within the new urban fabric, the disconnection between generations and how it’s affecting the culture, and how urban changes shape the culture in different ways. Buhijji previously headed Tashkeel’s art initiative and curated ‘pertinacity’ exhibition, he was the second place winner of the 45th Bahrain Annual Art Fair, with other works exhibited in Paris, Riyadh, and Dubai.

Noor Alwan


Noor Alwan is an experimental Bahraini multidisciplinary architect and artist. Alwan examines across her work, and through different mediums, the tangible and intangible constituents of space, utilizing art as a placemaking tool. Alwan produces artworks and experiences that are community driven and aim towards instigating conversations around social and environmental justice. With a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Universities of Manchester and Buffalo, and a specialization in inclusive design, she addresses the power of art and design in creating enabling environments and experiences for all. Alwan's portfolio shows a range of work that address reoccurring themes such as placemaking, urban play, space and identity, and social engagement. Alwan previously ran Tashkeel's Art Initiative and co-curated Muharraq Art District, she was the third place winner of the 45th Bahrain Annual Art Fair, her other pieces were exhibited in Riyadh, Cairo and Birmingham.

Ishaq Madan


Ishaq Madan is a self-taught published Bahraini photographer practicing the art of photography since 2014; a journey that began during the rise of iPhoneography. Ishaq Madan’s work often combines natural light techniques and unusual perspectives that aim to create painting like photographs which portray subtle visual story telling. Moreover, his inspiration is heavily drawn from his desire to bridge the gap between Bahrain and the world through visual masterpieces that embody the definition of “Sonder”, a realization that everyone’s life is as complex as one’s own, an intertwined web of stories waiting to be discovered. Ishaq Madan work has taken him around the world as he has been featured in numerous exhibitions ranging from the Paris Biennial 2019, Sharjah Art Foundation’s Vantage Point 5, and most recently the kingdom’s reputable 46th Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition.

Maryam Jamal

Maryam Jamal (b.1996, Bahrain) is an artist and designer with a BA in Visual Design (2014). Maryam is a painter, illustrator and animator who has recently extended her practice to include installation works. Her artwork focuses on gender issues, repurposing archival material, as well as Arabian Gulf identity and representation. She participated in various exhibitions in Bahrain including Art Select (2017), Alriwaq (2017), Tashkeel (2018 & 2019), Beirut Image Festival (2019), The Art Space (2019) and Bahrain's Annual Fine Arts Exhibition (2020). She has also been featured in publications including Khabar Keslan, Daftar Asfar, Sekka, Unootha mag, Jaffat El Aqlam. and most recently her illustrations were featured on the Art Dubai website for an interactive lecture entitled "Has Khaleeji Pop Music Evolved?”

Sahar Sadeq

Sahar Sadeq is an artist and florist with a certification from Mcqueens Flower School. Sadeq founded Therapy Florists in Bahrain, and works at the intersection between art and floristry. She is adamant about exploring the artistic potential of floristry and changing peoples perspectives towards it. She is passionate about encouraging creativity and communicating through flower art to the audience specifically about matters concerning women, culture and finding strength.

Dana Jumaan

Dana is a self-taught Bahraini artist. Through her work, Dana explores themes relating to the human journey, and the value of experience. She asks questions about what gives life significance and draws parallels between the past and the present. Dana explores issues of identity and legacy, and through her work, contemplates what makes each of us different yet the same. She explores what constitutes the sense of self, and how socially constructed cultural concepts impact self-value. She is inspired by how nothing in life happens in isolation, and how the human experience is a web of overlaps and interconnections.

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