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Music is a universal language that communicates across cultural, geographic, and linguistic boundaries. Mawall is an exhibition that is centered around the harmonious relationship between music, art and the Bahraini heritage. Music is deeply rooted within Bahrain’s heritage, it transcends entertainment and tells stories of empowerment, celebration, hardships and folk tales that Bahrainis grew up listening to. 


The art pieces are each inspired by a Bahraini song from the heritage and unveil a different facet of Bahrain’s culture by retelling a nostalgic narrative that generations grew up into. The exhibition aims to immerse visitors into areas of the culture by experiencing the woven stories that the art and music tell together. Each artwork translates a Bahraini song into a visual narrative creating a different means of introducing visitors to stories that are not necessarily seen or heard while touring the country, and resonate with the residents of Bahrain by reintroducing them to the stories and songs from the past through telling pieces. Every artwork corresponds to a written piece about the song it expresses, and a QR code that directs people to the musical piece.

Mawall Art Exhibition is curated by

Noor Alwan and Abdulla Buhijji

Participating Artists

Jaafar Al Haddad

Maryam Jamal

Dana Jumaan

Ishaq Madan

Sahar Sadeq

Noor Alwan

Abdulla Buhijji 

The exhibition is executed in collaboration with Taa' Al Shabab group under Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities

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