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Hiya Biya

Dana Jumaan

Hiya Biya’ roughly translates to ‘our pilgrim is coming back’. The Hiya Biya is an old Bahraini tradition where children are taught to grow and nurture a small seedling placed in a woven basket made from palm tree leaves. One day before Eid Al Adha, children gather at the seaside in traditional Bahraini clothing holding the basket. They rock it back and forth while singing the Hiya Biya song, and throw it as far as possible into the sea as a sacrifice for their beloved pilgrims to return home from Makkah. The artwork depicts the Hiya Biya basket while it is in different stages in the air, representing the blind faith and pure belief children are taught to have in an unknown outcome. The tradition teaches us the lesson that sometimes all we can do is our best, and trust in whatever god has in plan for us.

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